Google Chrome web browser closes all of sudden with a  “Google Chrome has stopped working” error message ?

Lately, we spent quite a long time browsing internet using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer or Firefox web browsers. Yesterday, The Google Chrome closed with a message “Google Chrome has stopped working”. For the first time, it was okay, but it repeats and it really became a annoying thing. So, today, we will share things you can try to get rid of the error message on your tablet or cellphones. This blog post will also apply to Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP users. Let’s get started! 😀 😀 😀

Try this to fix: Google Chrome has stopped working (Try one thing at a time)


  1. Delete History & Browsing Data – Go to “Settings” – Go to “History” – Click “Clear browsing data” – Close the Google Chrome and run again.

  3. Disable or Remove all extensions (For Windows) – Go to  “Settings” – Click “Extensions” on the left side menu – Disable all extensions – Restart Google Chrome.

  5. Reset Google Chrome (For Windows) – To reset for Windows users – Go to “Settings” – Scroll down & click “Show advanced settings” – Click “Reset settings” – Try Google Chrome.

  7. Remove Google Chrome (For Windows) – Go to “Control Panel” – Go to “Programs and Features” – Select “Google Chrome” – Click “Uninstall” – Donwload Google Chrome again. (

  9. Perfect Uninstall Google Chrome (For Windows) – Use Revo Uninstaller to remove. (Here is how to –

  11. Reset Google Chrome (For Android) – Go to “Settings” – Go to “Apps” or “Applications” or “Application Manager” (It is different depends on devices) – Touch “Google Chrome” or “Chrome” – Touch “Clear data” and Touch “Clear cache” – Try Google Chrome.

  13. Remove Google Chrome (For Android) – Go to “Settings” – Go to “Apps” or “Applications” or “Application Manager” (It is different depends on devices) – Touch “Google Chrome” or “Chrome” – Touch “Uninstall”. Download and Install Google Chrome again.

  15. Try different version of Google Chrome (For Android) – Remove your current Google Chrome. Download & Install different version of Google Chrome.

For Windows users: If you type chrome://conflicts in the Google Chrome address bar, you can check the detailed information when there is a conflict or crash.

We hope you have fixed the Google Chrome has stopped working issue. We will keep updating this blog post when there is a new solution. 😀 😀 😀 Thank you!


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