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We know that many of you here who have installed Windows before had the issue like above. Unknown device in device manager. Sometimes, after installing all drivers from the official website, it is still there. Today, we are going to share a nice tip about how to find out those unknown device drivers easy. Let’s get started! 😀


How to find out the unknown device driver in Windows ?

There is an easy way to find out the unknown device driver. We are going to use a software called “PCI-Z” Here is the website link: https://www.pci-z.com/ Go to the website, and download the “PCI-Z” software to your computer. The file might be zipped. Unzip it, and run “PCI-Z.EXE“, then you will see something like this:


It will display all of your hardware information of your computer. This will show you model names and numbers. If you see any items that have exclamation marks, those are the devices without proper drivers. Under “Device” you can tell what the device is. You can now search for the right driver! 😀 Now, you know what to do when you have an unknown device.

Thank you for reading.

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