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“Google Play has stopped working” – Google Play Error Special Fix

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  1. suchet says:

    Thanks a lot guys its very helpful. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  2. matthew says:

    Hi there I have tried to reset and hard reset my s3 i1905 and every time the format comoletes it starts to reinstall the basic apps then an error comes up saying unfortunately Google play has stopped, Samsung account has stopped and almost every other app that it tries to install then wonlet me pass the setup of date time without coming up with more and more errors over and over again, has anyone ever passed this problem NCOs I hopefully cannot be the only one to ever see this, I then tried the other s3 to hard reset this this one but omfg it did the exact same thing so now have two which I MA’s aswel use as a paperweight lol

  3. V says:

    I recently upgraded my lg stylo update 6.0 and ever since i installed the update it constantly appeared and my google play doesn’t repond and closes immediately everytime i try opening it.

  4. HAN says:


    After days of trying to solve this annoying Google play error message, it finally worked. I downloaded KIES and updated the phone’s OS through Kies. No more error message

  5. Dev says:

    Hi Guys,

    Unfortunately Google Play Store and Unfortunately Google Play Service both of them was not working as I updated my device to Android Marshmallow 6.0 in my One Plus X device.

    I am going to show how I was able to fix my issue and I hope that it helps your too.

    Step – 1 Go to Settings
    Step – 2 Find “Aps” and click on it.
    Step – 3 Scroll through your apps and find “Google +”
    Step – 4 Click on Google + and click on Disable button. (Just disable Google +)
    Step – 5 Restart your device and you should be good to go.

    If this is not working for you then try to disable all the Google apps that you have installed in your phone except the Google Play Store and Google Service and then restart the device.

    All the best guys and I hope this works for you as I know how irritating and annoying this issue is.


  6. Karsten Dehli says:

    I had the same problem. I disabled Google+, restarted the phone, and voila! problem solved. I had been struggeling for month with this problem, so thank you very much!!! ( Phone: 1+)

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