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Are you facing “Google Play has stopped working …” error when you are trying to run Google Play on your Android based device?? If you do, here we have few simple things you can try to resolve the issue by yourself. Click “more” button to read detailed article. We know that this embarrassing issue is happening on many devices which use Google Android as OS. (Tablet, Cell, etc) Today, let’s find out how to fix this error.

– When you see “Google Play has stopped working …” error, you can try:
(Try one thing at a time, Don’t try everything at once. Try to run Google Play after each step.)

1. Remove the updates for your Google Play

– Go to the menu–>settings–>apps–>all–>google play store–> uninstall updates, then reboot your device.

2. Remove the cache for your Google Play

– Go to the menu–>settings–>apps–>all–>google play store–> remove cache, then try to run your google play again. It is better to do a reboot.

3. Try to delete and re-install Google Play

– In some cases, delete and re-install resolve this issue. If you can’t remove Google Play, skip this step.

4. Try to delete your google account and add your google account again

– Go to the menu -> settings -> account remove your current google account then add it again here.

If you still have the Google Play Error after step 1, 2, 3, and 4, try our special solutions before step 5, 6, 7, and 8



Before try next steps, try the special solutions first !

5. Download and install a different version of Google Play

– Sometimes a different version of google play works instead of one that you have on your machine. so try to find a different version of google play(older or newer version) and try.

6. Check that Google Play on your device installed as system app instead of user app (“ROOTING REQUIRE”)

– If your Google Play installed as user app, try to install it as system app. There is a app that helps you to change it easily. “/system/app mover” Try this app (Sorry you have to find the app on your own!) You might need to root your android device first. So, please do it at your own risk..

7. Use a different market application

– You can also use a different market app like 1mobile: “” or SlideME: “” There are so many different android market apps, and it is up to you which one you will use!

8. Factory reset your device

If you do not like to use other market apps, next solution is factory reset. Perform factory reset on your android device. It will remove everything from your device. So, make backup first! For the people who do not know how, here are our blog posts on how to reset android: or

Thank you for reading this article ! We hope everyone fix the “Google Play Has Stopped Working” problem !