Do you have vertical lines on Google Nexus 5 ?

Hello everyone! Today’s topic is about Google Nexus 5 screen issue. (or LG Nexus 5) It seems like it is not just us. Looks like so many people are having this problems. Anyway, here is our story. We purchased the Nexus 5 smartphone few years ago.. and after several months of use, we started to see vertical lines on the screen all of a sudden. We couldn’t think of any reasons. except that we dropped the Nexus 5 few times. We did not know why it was happening. After that we used our old iPhone 4S until now, but we couldn’t use it anymore because it was way to slow.. Recently, we decided to fix it, and we brought the phone to a cellphone repair shop. We got it fixed.


We asked the cellphone mechanic why this vertical line problem is happening on many Nexus 5. The cellphone mechanic said inside the Nexus 5, the ribbon cable that connects the screen from the motherboard was bad. (it looks like the connection between the screen and the motherboard is weak..) So, this vertical problem can be caused by damaged ribbon cable or damaged screen. If you have dropped your Nexus 5 more than once, you could have this vertical line problem. To fix it, the ribbon cable has to be repaired or the whole screen has to be replaced depends on the situation. We were happy that this was nothing to do with motherboard or video chip. We hope the information was helpful for you. 🙂

Thank you for reading.

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