Hello People! Today we are going to share how to fix tuning on and charging problems on Sony Xperia Z5. If your Xperia Z5 won’t turn on or not responding when you press the power button? and not charging when plugin it into the power outlet? System reset and battery reset might resolve the issues. Before starting to fix, please check if your Sony Xperia Z5 really has enough battery power to turn on. Try to charge and press the power button. If it’s still not power on, try to follow the instructions below.


1. Extra Charging Reset

Step 01. Connect the device into the power outlet wall.

Step 02. Try to charge more than 30 minutes at least.

Step 03. Press and Hold the Power key about 15 seconds until the screen turns on.

Step 04. Still not turning on? Press and Hold Volume Down + Power buttons at the same time about 15 seconds. If it didn’t work for you, try the next step


2. System Reset

Note. It won’t erase anything! Don’t worry!

Step 01. Connect the device into the power source (Wall plugin)

Step 02. Press and Hold Down the Volume Up + Power buttons at the same time for 15 seconds.


3. Battery Reset

Step 01. Please check the SD memory card slot on the side of your device. You will see the Yellow Square button. Press and Hold This button for 5- 10 seconds using a pin

Xperia z5 screen not turning on & not charging

Step 02. Now Connect your phone into the power outlet.

Step 03. Press the Power button or Press and Hold the Power button for 10 seconds until the device turns on.


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