Samsung NP355V laptop repair – September 15, 2015

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Today, we have found a laptop with full of dust on it. The laptop was given to us from one of our customer when he was going to buy a new laptop (last year). There was problem on this Samsung laptop. It wouldn’t turn on. So we tried to see what is wrong with this laptop and we tried to repair it. Let’s go ahead and see what happened to this Samsung NP355V laptop. 🙂

This is Samsung NP355V laptop. It is not so old laptop, and the condition was good.


As soon as we saw the AMD processor and AMD graphics sticker, we though it could be the video chip problem. (generally AMD chips get hotter than Intel chips, and that causes problems on chips & motherboard)


Let’s get it disassembled quick. Always unscrew theses first 🙂


Let’s take off the keyboard! 🙂 (when you disassemble laptops, in most cases, you will need to remove keyboard first..)


Now we see the blue colour motherboard. 🙂


AMD chip and back of a cooling fan. Everything seem okay… BUT!!!


We found something! Some component burnt on the motherboard. Hard to tell what it is. (capacitor ?) Let’s look at this closely.



Sometimes even with burnt components on a motherboard, a computer may work. For this one, it does not even turn on. It looks like it needs a motherboard replacement, but we decided not to repair this one since it costs more money than we expected.

We would like to tell people to keep the computer cool in summer because most of the electronic devices are vulnerable to heat. How to make keep it cool ? First, do not place your laptop on bed or soft surface since it blocks air vents underneath your laptop. Second, use a laptop cooling pad. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thank you for reading !

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