My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 won’t turn on! When I plugin a power adapter, my Galaxy Note 2 charges, and I see the battery meter, but when I press the power button, it doesn’t do anything!



Are you experiencing the same problem like many Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owners? It looks like there are two common problems with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. First problem is very famous. Even the phone is in good shape, it does not turn on. Samsung is saying that when their phone detects unreliable power, or unreliable electricity, a safety system activates, and it will make the phone not turning on. In this case, you will have remove the battery, and you need to press and hold the power button for more than 1 minute. Also, a soft reset or a hard reset work for this issue. But, on some Galaxy smartphones, due to damaged power buttons, it won’t turn on. When you connect a power adapter, if it charges, and if you see the battery meter, it is probably the power button problem. Today, we are going to replace the power button on Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Let’s get started, but don’t forget to try soft & hard reset first!


HERE IS HOW TO Soft & hard reset Galaxy s5


If your Galaxy Note 2 charges and displays the battery meter when you plugin a power adapter, probably, the reason that your phone does not turn on will be the power button


Let’s disassemble the Samsung Galaxy Note 2


Do you have all the smartphone repair tools? If yes, Let’s start!

samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working3 samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working4

Use your nail and finger, and open remove the back cover. Easy to remove the cover.

Remove the battery

samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working5 samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working6

Battery removed. Use your finger to remove the battery. No tools required.

Remove Samsung Stylus Pen


Don’t forget to remove this stylus pen!

Remove all Phillip Screws from the back panel

samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working8 samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working9 samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working10

Remove all the Phillip screws from the back panel. They are all same size.

Time to separate the front LCD screen from the back panel

samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working11 samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working12 samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working13 samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working14samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working15 samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working16 samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working17 samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working18

Use a guitar pick to remove release back panel pins from the front screen. Do it for all side, and do it until the whole screen is separated from the frame. Careful. There is a chance of breaking the screen.

Remove the plastic frame from the Galaxy Note 2 body

samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working19 samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working20 samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working21 samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working22

Before removing the plastic panel from the Galaxy Note 2 body, release the two lock pins in the bottom and in the middle, then the plastic panel will be released easily.

Replace the power flex cable with button

samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working23 samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working24

Remove the power cable connector from the Galaxy Note 2 motherboard, and remove the power button. The power button got some adhesive underneath it, so carefully remove the power button from the frame.

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will now turn on

samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working25 samsung_galaxy_note2_wont_turn_on_power_button_not_working26

Thank you fore reading! On Samsung Galaxy Note 2, we noticed that the power button is not strong enough for long time use. So, by replacing the power button, you can keep your Galaxy Note 2. Don’t throw it away! The power button costs below $10 CAN with shipping. It is a $10 dollar repair.


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