Conduit search Engine is known as a web browser hijacker which is a harmful software that destroys some settings of your web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer). Generally, what the Conduit search engine does is to changes the homepage and internal search engine to Conduit homepage and Conduit internal search engine. It cause a problem that you are not able to change the homage of your web browser, even if you change your homepage in the settings. Now days, there is a lot of browser hijacker viruses and Conduit is one of them. Today, We will help you to remove Conduit search engine. We hope this is helpful for you to fix the issue. Please follow the steps below.


Uninstall Conduit software from Control Panel.

01. Go to Control Panel > Uninstall a Program (Programs and Features).

02. Find a Search Protect software that is published by Conduit and Uninstall it (Uninstall Everything that is published by Conduit).


Reset the setting in Internet Explorer.

01. Open Internet Explorer > Internet Options > Advanced Tab > Click the Reset Button.

02. Check the box to “Delete personal settings”. (All the settings will be reset to default)


Reset the Setting in Chrome.

01. Open Chrome browser and go to Settings.

02. Scroll down until you see show advanced settings and click it to see more options.

03. Click Reset button.

remove trovi virus on chrome macbook



Reset the setting in Firefox.

01. Open Firefox browser and Type about:support in the URL to see options.

02. Click Reset Firefox button.

Removing Trovi Virus on firefox mozila macbook



Scan your computer using Malwarebytes freeware Anti-Virus.

01. Visit this website. (

02. Download Free Version Malwarebtes Anti-Virus.

03. Scan it and Click Quarantine All button when scanning is done.

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