Nexus 5 power button stuck and it keep restarts itself! Nexus 5 boot loop with Google logo repair

Hello people. It has been 2 years since I switched my phone. From iPhone 4S to Google(or LG) Nexus 5. When I first got this smartphone, my first impression was the fast performance. It was really light and fast compared to Samsung Galaxy or any other Android phones at the time. I felt Google optimized their Android OS very well. I loved it until now… About three days ago, my Nexus 5 keep restarted itself. I did not press any buttons, and sometimes, it restarts and shows me the Google logo, and then it restarts again shows me the Google logo again. It was a boot loop. I thought my Nexus logic board has been damaged or my charging port. I did not make any backup, so I couldn’t give up. I googled it. I found it. It seems like so many people are struggling with the same problem like mine. Power button stuck. I also noticed that there are two ways of fixing it. Cleaning the power button or replacing the power button… It looks like the power button on Nexus 5 is not strong enough for long time use. Anyways, I will show you what I’ve done to fix the power button issue.



1. Get 99.9% Alcohol and Compressed Air (You must have phone repair tools)

Get a 99.9% alcohol and a compressed air in a can for cleaning. We are going to use them for cleaning the power button of Google Nexus 5.

2. Are you ready ? Let’s disassemble Google Nexus 5

1. Use a guitar pick to open the Nexus 5 back cover like the picture below. Please carefully open the back cover otherwise you will break the plastic cover holders.

nexus5_power_button_stuck2 nexus5_power_button_stuck3

2. Back cover removed. There are 6 screws to remove before we remove the black plastic cover for Nexus 5 motherboard. Remove them all.


3. After removing all the 6 screws, you will be able to remove the motherboard cover.



4. Look at the pictures below, and disconnect cables highlighted in red. 6 cables to disconnect, and remove the SIM card too, then carefully lift up the Nexus 5 logic board from the frame.

nexus5_power_button_stuck7 nexus5_power_button_stuck8 nexus5_power_button_stuck9 nexus5_power_button_stuck10

5. Google Nexus 5 motherboard has removed.


6. That is the power button of Google Nexus 5. We need to clean the button for any kind of dirt and sticky things. Use the 99.9% alcohol to wet the power button. Give it few seconds for the power button absorbs the alcohol, then use your finger to rapidly press the power button for cleaning inside of the power button. After doing this, use the compressed air to dry the alcohol and blow away dusts.

nexus5_power_button_stuck12 nexus5_power_button_stuck13

7. Also, use alcohol and compressed air to clean the plastic power button cover and around the power button. Dust and sticky things may stop the power button from returning. You are done! You can now assemble your Nexus 5 again and try. 😀 😀 😀

nexus5_power_button_stuck14 nexus5_power_button_stuck15

We hope this is helpful for people who have the same power button problem like us. If this cleaning did not work for you, then you will need to replace the actual power button on the Nexus 5 logic board. Thank you!