Are you having a battery problem with your iPhone 6, 6s, 6 plus, 6s plus? it doesn’t last longer? Today we would like to share some tips to maximize your iPhone battery life. It will be very useful tips when you are traveling or when you are at a place that doesn’t have power source.


  • Battery Calibration: We recommend you to perform this battery calibration once a month. Please fully charge your iPhone. Use it to 0% until it turns off automatically. Please repeat this step one more time (Charge it to 100% and use it to 0%). This is how to calibrate your iPhone battery.


  • Bluetooth: Turn off bluetooth when it’s not in use. Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Turn Off


  • Airplane Mode: Turn on Airplane Mode. If you turn on the Airplane Mode, your battery life probably will last more longer. But wi-fi won’t work because this mode turns off wi-fi, bluetooth, and anything that makes a Internet connection. In order to turn on Airplane mode, Go to Settings > Airplane > Turn On


  • Display & Brightness: Adjusting screen brightness will help a lot with the longer battery life on iPhone. Please go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Turn off Auto-Brightness (IF IT’S TURNED ON) > Adjust the brightness manually


  • Location Services: Please go to Settings > Privacy > Tap Location Services > Turn off (You don’t have to turn off every apps that use location service. You can select and turn off specific app that uses location service.)


  • E-mail Fetch New Data: Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts > Calendars > Fetch New Data > Scroll Down and Set as Hourly or Manually (It means it will refresh your e-mail by an hour)


  • Display Auto-Lock: Go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock > Set as 30 seconds. It will help you to save the battery life.


  • Close all apps that’s not in use: Double press the home button, you will see all applications that’s in use. Turn off every apps by swiping up using a finger tip.


  • Cellular: Go to Settings > Cellular > Turn off Cellular Data. (Note. Your phone won’t work but it will save your battery life. Turn it off when your Phone is not in use)
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