LG R510 laptop overheating repairs – Feb 9, 2017


Hello everyone! Here is our daily repair update! We did fix overheating LG R510 laptop, and we did recover the hard drive too. When we turn it on, it displayed “operating system is missing”. We checked the hard disk for bad sectors, and we couldn’t find any bad sectors, after spending sometime with this LG machine, we noticed that the registry and system files went bad, but we were lucky. There was a backup image on the other partition on this hard drive. We simply recovered the image that was created in 2012 on the other partition. After that we did cleaning job.

lg_r510_cleaning1lg_r510_cleaning2 lg_r510_cleaning3

Here is the white color LG R510 laptop. It’s got Intel Core 2 Duo processor. This Core CPU family was very successful when it first came out, It was really fast, and it is still good for today’s computing. That is why laptops with this old processor are still in the market. It is our second LG laptop to repair. It is really rare to see LG laptops here in Canada. We see lots of Acer, HP, Dell and Toshiba.

Let’s start!

lg_r510_cleaning4 lg_r510_cleaning5 lg_r510_cleaning6

Really nice thing about this laptop is that it is designed for easy maintenance. Normally, for many laptops, to see the cooling fan and the processor, it is a necessary to disassemble the whole laptop first, but this one is so much easier. After removing the bottom cover, we have direct access to the processor, memory, and the cooling fan. Some of Dell Latitude laptops have similar designs like this LG one.

Remove the heat sink and cooling fan assembly

lg_r510_cleaning7 lg_r510_cleaning8 lg_r510_cleaning9

All you need to do is to remove the cooling fan connector from the main board, then you can remove the three Phillip screws from the heat sink.


Wiggle back and forth to take the cooling fan and heat sink assembly. It is not too hard to get it out, but don’t apply too much force. You will break the plastic cooling fan housing.

lg_r510_cleaning12 lg_r510_cleaning11

Yeah~ We now see the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and underneath the copper heat sink. The condition of the existing thermal compound looks okay, but this time, we are going to use a high end thermal compound for better thermal conductivity.

Time to apply fresh thermal compound

lg_r510_cleaning13 lg_r510_cleaning14

Once again, and every time, we use Arctic Silver 5! It’s got a dark grey color. Looks good!!

cleaning the cooling fan

lg_r510_cleaning15 lg_r510_cleaning16

Always, disassemble the cooling fan, and cleanup all the existing dusts. Dusts sit easily between the fan and air duct (exit) If you do not clean the air exit, hot air cannot get out of the laptop. So, even with the high performance thermal compound, the laptop will still overheat.

LG R510 now runs 20C degree cooler!

lg_r510_cleaning17 lg_r510_cleaning18

Look at this! Now, Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 processor is running about 20C degree lower than before. Before, the idle temperature reading was at 39C degree. A huge improvement. The computer is running cooler, and the fan runs low. It’s nice and quite now. Thank you for reading! See you next time!


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