Trying to reset LG Optimus F6 smartphone to its factory setting? Factory reset also called hard reset. Before starting to perform hard reset, we are going to tell you few important things to keep in mind. First thing is that hard resetting deletes all data from your phone, so if you have any important data, we recommend you to create a backup file. Second thing is to fully charge your phone before factory reset. Because your phone might be turned off during the factory reset process. If your phone is shut down during the process, it could bring more serious damages to your phone. Lastly, you can consider to run hard reset if your phone is at one of the following situations:

  • Running too slow or freezing too often while doing something on the phone.
  • Stuck at loading
  • Keep restarting (infinity loading)
  • Error Messages


LG Optimus F6 Hard Reset

Step 01. Make sure that your phone is completely shut down.

Step 02. Press and Hold the Volume Down + Power buttons together at the same time for few seconds. Soon factory reset screen will appears on the screen and it will ask you to reset the phone. Press the Power button to confirm when you get this black screen.

LG Optimus F6 Factory Reset


Step 03. As soon as you press the power button, you should get another confirm message. Press the Power button one more time to confirm.

LG Optimus F6 Factory Reset


Step 04. Wait until the factory reset process is done. It will take some time. Do not press any button while it’s processing.

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