Apple’s iPhone 8 new face detection technology?

A lot of stories have appeared regarding iPhone 8 recently. When it comes to the variety of smartphones that competitors have prepared, it’s hard for Apple to just go through an ordinary design.

So, there are many stories such as the OLED display, the home button fingerprint recognition at the bottom of the screen, and the wireless charging technology developed by Apple. Among them, the most constantly appearing is 3D camera-related content with face recognition capabilities, and Apple has submitted patents as if it were a blanket.


What is it about?

The title of this patent to be used for iPhone 8 face recognition is “advanced face recognition using distance information”.
In fact, this patents are the face recognition patents that Apple acquired. What is unique is that 3D recognition improves the accuracy of existing recognition functions. In the past, if you have roughly judged a person’s face shape in a 2D context, you are now more clearly distinguished in 3D.


How to distinguish at a certain distance

iPhone 8 will have face recognition technology?

This patent clearly distinguishes the problems of conventional face recognition. Once people are not standing still, they have to deal quickly in a variety of situations. However, since the processing speed and situation do not keep up, bad recognition occurs. So Apple distinguishes it as distance to improve iPhone 8 face recognition. There are various patterns in the image below. Patterns of the same shape mean they are at the same distance. In other words, instead of attempting to recognize face, it is possible to recognize more accurately because it distinguishes by dividing what is at the same distance. In order to do this,  a 3D camera and an infrared device are required.


Apple patents including motion recognition

iPhone 8 will have Face Recognition Technology?

Another thing is motion recognition. Motion tracking is already commercially available, but if you look at the image below, do you see something else? It is the distant. Same as above. It is very attractive that accuracy and perception can be greatly improved if you track motion by dividing the mapping by distance.
Perhaps the iPhone 8 face recognition will be able to authenticate the detailed appearance of a closer face.

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