Calibrating battery helps your iPhone battery condition lasts longer! Also if your iPhone battery life doesn’t last longer enough or battery indicator never reaches to 100%?, calibrating battery is one of the best ways to activate the battery life. It’s good to perform battery calibration once a month. Now we are going to share how to calibrate your iPhone 7 or 7 plus battery calibration step by step.


Step 01. Fully charge your iPhone. (When the battery life reaches 100%, let it sit for another 20 to 30 minutes. When the battery indicator turns to 100%, it’s actually charged at 95~98%. Not perfect 100%. That’s why you need to let it sit another 30 minutes.)


Step 02.  Use your iPhone until your iPhone turns off automatically due to the lack of battery life. Now leave your iPhone for 30 to 1 hour to drain battery life completely.


Step 03. Now fully charge your iPhone as you’ve done on step 01.


This is how you perform iPhone battery calibration. Don’t do this too ofter or much. Just once a month or 2 months.


Tips. How to maintenance iPhone 7 battery life in daily use.

  • It’s batter to charge when the battery level is at between 30% to 70%, and when it needs to be charged, try to fully charge it.
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