HP G6-2000, 2040ca overheating and shutting down repair – Jan 25, 2017


Do you have HP G6-2000 series laptop with AMD CPU (processor) ? Does it get too hot ? Does it turn off itself after getting really hot ? If yes, you should consider to cleanup your HP G6-2000 series laptop. Typically, laptops with AMD processors get hotter than laptops with Intel processor, and as you use your laptop, dusts in the air get into your laptop, and it sometimes blocks your laptop’s air duct. When it happens, your laptop will not blow hot air out of the laptop, and it will cause overheating. Most of the laptops will shutdown when it reaches dangerous temperature zone (like 90C ~ 100C). This is why you probably experienced unexpected shutdown. Today, we had a HP laptop with overheating problem. Let’s fix it together!

HP G6 2000 series laptop disassembly starts!

hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix1 hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix2 hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix3 hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix4

First thing we always do is removing all Philip screws from the laptop body. Remove the bottom cover, and it is always to remove all the computer component before you disassemble a laptop.

Let’s remove the HP G6 laptop keyboard!

hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix5 hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix6hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix7hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix13

Use a guitar pick or sharp(or thin) pry tool to take the keyboard out. There are 4-5 pins that holds the keyboard in place. Push the pins to pry up the keyboard from the top section. Also, don’t forget to remove the keyboard connector from the HP g6-2040ca laptop.

Let’s remove all the screws and disconnect all the inner connectors

hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix8hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix30 hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix31

Remove the 3 cables, and remove all the Phillip screws before we remove the upper frame from the bottom frame.

Time to remove the upper frame

hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix9 hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix10 hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix11 hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix12

Time to take the upper frame away from the bottom frame. Use a guitar pick or a thin pry tool to remove it. Don’t force it. It is not that hard to remove it after removing all screws. Carefully remove the plastic frame. Otherwise, you will break it.

Time to see the HP G6 2000 series motherboard!


Finally, the upper frame has removed…! We see the motherboard!

Let’s remove the motherboard from the laptop

hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix16 hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix17 hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix18 hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix19

Before we remove the motherboard from the laptop frame, we need to remove 4 connectors, and 1 Phillip screw. After that, the motherboard will come out easily.

Here is the motherboard of HP G6 2000 series..


Here is the motherboard of HP g6-2040ca model. There are two memory slots, and there is only one main APU chip. This processor has integrated video chip in the processor. It is AMD A6 4400M processor. Let’s remove the heatsink and the fan to cleanup.

Let’s take a look at the AMD A6 4400M processor

hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix21 hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix22 hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix23

As we expected, the thermal compound, when we touched it, it was completely dried out. Time for a new thermal grease on it.

What is this in the air duct?

hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix24 hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix25

Bingo! When we were running this HP g6 laptop, it was running really hot, and this laptop was not blowing hot air out of the machine. This is why. Dust and cat hair were clogged in the air duct blocking the air flow. let’s get them cleaned. Use a compressed air to blow all dusts in the air duct.

Let’s cleanup!

hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix26 hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix27

clean it until it becomes shiny!

Apply the Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound on AMD A6 4400M CPU…!

hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix28 hp_g6_2000_2040_overheating_fix29

Let’s apply a new thermal compound. We are using the Arctic Silver 5. A high grade thermal compound. Do not apply too much. Remember, a proper amount of thermal compound will results the best cooling performance. Too less or too much is no good.

It is now running 20C – 30C cooler than before!!


The result? The HP g6-2040ca laptop is now running 20c ~30c cooler than before. It is not shutting down anymore! We hope all of you have fixed the overheating issue on HP g6 2000 series laptops. Have a nice day! 😀 😀 😀

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