How to replace CMOS battery on a motherboard (Desktop)


Have you ever wondered how your computer keep the current date and time? – The answer is the CMOS battery. In every computer, no matter desktop or laptop computer, they all have a small watch battery on motherboard. Some may call it a BIOS battery. In here, let’s call it a motherboard battery. If your computer keep looses the current date and time, the culprit might be the motherboard battery. Here is how to replace them:

  1. Open your desktop or laptop computer. (Disassemble..)
  2. Depends on the brands and models, the motherboard battery locations are different. Typically, it is located directly on motherboard.
  3. Find the battery and remove the battery. Normally it is easy to remove. When you push a pin, it pops out. Rarely, motherboard batteries are soldered on motherboard. For that,  you will need desoldering the existing one.
  4. Get a new battery. For many desktop computers, they use CR2032 battery.
  5. just push it in. That’s it!

We hope this was helpful for you. Have a great day!

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