In order to make a backup file on iPhone (iOS), We generally make backup files on PC using iTunes. But you can also make backup files on the iCloud server instead of hard drive from PC. Today we are going to show you how to backup without connecting iTunes. Please follow our instruction step by step. Hope you successfully done backing up through our instruction.


Step 01. First thing to do is to navigate to Settings from your iPhone 6.

Step 02. Settings > iCloud

Step 03. Scroll down and tap on Backup

Step 04. Turn on iCloud Backup switch and tap on Back Up Now

Step 05. Please wait till it’s done. It takes some time.

Step 06. After it’s done, you have to check if it made a backup file successfully. To check your backup file on the iCloud server, Please go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage. If there is your iPhone name with backup size, it’s successfully done. Otherwise, you have to backup again.

We also prepared a video instruction for your easy understanding. Good Luck!

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