How to add a different language keyboard in Windows 10 ?


Hello everyone, it’s P&T brother. Today, we are going to learn “How to add a different language keyboard in Windows 10”. We know that many people now switching to Mac (iOS) from the Windows based PCs, but still, people in the world love Microsoft’s Windows Operating System, and Windows 10 is little bit different than the older Windows. (not by much but it is different) Many of the traditional Windows settings are disappeared from Control Panel. Normally, you could change almost everything in Control Panel in the previous Windows like Windows 7. Let’s get started.

Let’s add a keyboard in Windows 10 !

1. Look for the Windows 10 start button. It is located in the left-bottom of your screen. Click “Settings“.


2. Click “Time & language“. This contains all the language related configuration of Windows.


3. In this section, you can also change date and time of your computer. We are not going to change date and time at this point. Click “Region & language” on the left side menu, and click “Add a language” in the main section.


4. In here, you can see all the available languages that you can use for typing. Choose a language that you want. For us,  we are going to choose “Chinese (Simplified)“.


5. It’s done! Now, if you look at bottom-right on the Windows taskbar, there is a shortcut to switch the keyboard language.


6. If you want to remove a keyboard language, you can remove it under “Region & language” settings. You can also set default keyboard in here by clicking “Set as default“. You can change detailed keyboard configuration when you click “Options“.


Now you know one more nice tip about Windows 10. This article will be very easy for most of the readers, but we wish some of you find it useful. Thank you! 😀 😀 😀

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