We are going to share how to perform hard reset and soft reset on Samsung Galaxy A8. Here are something to check before starting to factory reset.

You can try to hard reset when you have one of the following issues:

  • Getting an error message while installing or downloading or updating Android updates or an app
  • Phone freezes too often
  • Loading time is too long when running an app
  • An app shuts down unexpectedly

Before Performing hard reset, Please check the followings:

  • Make sure your battery is charged more than 50% (Can be turned off while performing hard reset).
  • Try to make a backup file (Hard resetting erases all of your files and personal settings)
  • Try to perform soft reset first before hard resetting. (Soft reset might resolve the issues)


Soft Reset on Galaxy A8

Method 01. Press the power button for about 10 – 15 seconds. > Your phone will reboot.

Method 02. Try to remove and replace the battery


Hard Reset on Galaxy A8

Step 01. Turn the device off completely. (Press the power button for few seconds and tab on Power Off)

Step 02. Press and Hold Home + Volume Up + Power keys together at the same time until the Samsung Logo comes up on the screen.

Step 03. In the Android system recovery mode, Navigate to wipe data/factory reset using the volume down button and select it with the power button.

Step 04. It will ask you to confirm “Confirm wipe of all user data?”. Select Yes – delete all user data

Step 05. Now select reboot system now.

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