Do you get this message: “The system has detected a possible attempt to compromise security” when you try to login to a domain or try to map a network drive in a domain ? If yes, here is the solution for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, 2003, and XP

Recently, we were working at our client’s office with one server computer and a client computer. Both computers were kind of outdated (Windows XP..) On both computers, we installed Microsoft Security Essentials for protection, and all of a sudden, we were not able to login to the domain as well as all the mapped network drives are stopped working with the error message above. For the login,  it login to local computer instead of the domain. For the mapped drives, the networking was okay. (We could ping from the client to the server) But, with the error message above, it failed to map the drives that we need….!! We couldn’t understand why it happened all of a sudden like this. We tried to ping, we tried changing the user profile that we are using, we did change share settings, and permissions…. No.


How to fix the error, and login to your domain or map network drives

We found this on Microsoft official website. It says: This problem occurs because the network firewall filters Kerberos traffic. Okay. Then we remembered that we have installed Microsoft Security Essentials! We need a virus protection so, instead of disabling or removing it, we added rules to the server’s firewall.


1. Go to Control Panel, and go to Windows Firewall settings.

2. Open or add these ports to list of exceptions. TCP port 88 and UDP port 88.

3. For Windows XP, when you are in Windows Firewall, go to Exceptions, and add those ports.


4. For Windows 7, when you are in Windows Firewall, go to Advanced Settings, and open those ports. (in and out)



5. For Windows Server 2003 & 2008, the instruction is same as above.

If you cannot add those ports, then try to disable Windows Firewall or try to disable any antivirus programs you have. We hope you fixed the issue! 😀

Have a nice day!

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