I have a red cross on my Samsung Galaxy Tab battery icon, and it is not charging.. When I connect my charging cable, I hear charging sound, but with this x mark, it is not charging.. (Samsung Galaxy Tab 1, 2, 3, 10.1, A, E etc…)


If you are having a hard time with your Samsung Galaxy Tab, you should read this blog post! One of our customer brought in Samsung Galaxy Tab E model. The problem was this tablet was not charging properly, and the owner of the tablet told us that it might has a broken charging port. We also believed the what the customer told us because a damaged USB type charging port is very common problem. When we first had the tablet, it was not turning on indicating that it’s got 0% of battery. We connected our charging cable, and left it for more than an hour, and when we came back to see.. The battery indicator was at 14%!! It charged! So, we turned it on, and it did okay. After few minutes, we realized that there was something on the battery indicator. It was a red cross saying that the power cable is connected, but not charging. First, we thought it could be a faulty USB charging port, but we inspected the USB port again, and it was very strong and firm. Then, what is wrong with this thing???


The problem was a low quality charging cable and a low quality charging block!


When we were charging this Samsung Galaxy Tab E model, we were using a high quality charging block, but the cable was a cheap cable, and that actually was the culprit. The cheap cable.. Our charging block is rated at 5V 2A which is enough for most of small electronics like smartphones and tablets, but the cable was a cheap one. As soon as we changed our cable to Samsung cable, that red cross was gone! Also, most of the cheap charging blocks has 5V and less than 1A. In our understanding, this Samsung Galaxy Tab E model requires at least 1.3A. Here are pictures of a cheap charging block and a proper charging block. Always, when you buy a charging cable or a block, read the specification of products first. Don’t buy because they are cheap. You get what you pay for.


Example of a cheap charging block

Samsung Galaxy Tab E model requires at least 1.3A and when we used this power block, it did not charge properly. We had the x mark on the battery indicator.



Example of a good charging block

As you see, this HP charging block is rated at 5.3V and 2A which was enough to charge Galaxy Tab E. So, it is important that you use right tools for your electronic devices.



Use a good quality charging cable and a charging block!

We had two different sets of charging cable. The white set was our cheap one, and it caused the red cross on the battery icon. When we tried the black set, it charged really nice and quick. When you use a high quality cable and a charging block, it also helps you to charge quicker! So, why don’t you try a better cable and a block?


Thank you so much for reading! We will come back again with a good IT tip! Don’t forget to follow us on Social Media! Have a wonderful day!

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