How to fix volume button stuck, broken, jammed, or not working issue


Today, we have prepared a good information on how to fix iPhone stuck volume button, broken volume button, jammed volume button, or volume button not working issue. There probably is a bunch of people who’s having volume control issues. It’s very complicated and difficult to replace the volume button on iPhone. in order to replace it, you need to disassemble almost every single part such as motherboard, screen, battery, and etc. If the volume button on your iPhone doesn’t work, Don’t worry! here is a solution to control volume up or down.


Do you have iPhone 4S & 4, and nothing happens when you press volume buttons ? Try this fix !



If you have damage on iPhone buttons, try the solution below:


Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> AssistiveTouch -> Turn on AssistiveTouch mode

AssistiveTouch button iPhone

Now you probably can see the circle shaped icon in a rounded square box. You can use this icon as a home button, volume button, mute button, rotate screen button, lock screen button and etc.