Black screen fix – power supply replacement custom desktop – Feb 25, 2016

Good afternoon. P&T is here. Today, we’ve got an old custom desktop computer from one of our customers. It was a desktop that we use to see in early 2000. It was great to see one of these old style custom desktop. (It’s got AMD Sempron 3400+ single core processor, 2GB DDR2 memory. We had exact same system in early 2000.) The problem was when we turn it on, the computer actually turns on, but nothing on the screen or no beep sound at all. Let’s fix it together! 😀


This is the desktop computer. We removed the side panel to see the inside of this classic machine.



First of all, we noticed the desktop is full of dust. Before we go ahead, we decided to cleaning.


Let’s clean the dust!


Look at the fan.. This will decrease the cooling efficiency and the performance causing the processor to overheat specially in summer time.



It is better! 🙂 We also have removed the dried out thermal compound and applied new thermal compound.


Looks better after cleaning. Time to fix the real problem. We inspected the motherboard visually, and we couldn’t find any damages. The video card was firmly connected as well as the two memories. We decided to check the power supply.


We used Thermaltake power supply tester to check the power supply performance.


Looks like we found the problem. The power supply turns on, but the power supply is failing to provide appropriate voltages to the computer. This is why we get black screen.


Power supply replaced with a generic one. Since this computer is an old one. (AMD Sempron 3400+, 2GB, …) The owner did not want to spend too much money on this machine.


It turns on!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 The computer works good.


We did clean the tower and it is now ready to go home!

Thank you for reading!

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