ACER Aspire E15 laptop battery not charging fix – September 19, 2015

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  1. Yanena says:

    Will it work the same way on an Acer Aspire that has Windows 8 installed?

    1. pntblog says:

      Yes. It will work.

  2. Dean says:

    Ok, So is this the same fix if you cant remove the battery? My Acer Aspire E15 ….ES1-511-C723 does not have a removable battery, but is doing the same thing/issue.

    1. Soniya says:

      MY E15 HAS A NON REMOVABLE…How do you fix this?

  3. Dean says:

    the laptop came with windows 8 but 4 weeks after buying it, windows 10 came out and it was upgraded.

  4. nino says:

    Dean did you find a fix for laptop without removeable battery?

  5. Stephen Sanders says:

    This does work if it has non-remove able just remove everything every screw. Look up how because there might be some hidden ones. With mine had to take out optical drive and unscrew some. Thanks take the battery out put it back in than it will work again. It was simple just plug back in screws and boom starts charging again.

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