Acer Aspire 17″ ES1-731-P6GB laptop disassembly, memory, and hard drive replacement


Hello! Here is our daily diary update of Feb 15, 2017. We did disassemble Acer Aspire ES1-731-P6GB laptop. If you are looking to upgrade RAM or if you are looking to replace hard disk, this might be helpful for you. Let’s get started!

Acer Aspire ES1-731-P6GB 17″ laptop

acer_es1_731_disassembly1 acer_es1_731_disassembly2 acer_es1_731_disassembly3 acer_es1_731_disassembly4

This is the laptop we are going to disassemble today! It will be fun! It’s got new Pentium quad-core processor N3700, 4GB DDR3, Intel graphics, and 500GB hard drive!

Disassembly started

acer_es1_731_disassembly5 acer_es1_731_disassembly6 acer_es1_731_disassembly7

Remove all the screws from the bottom of this laptop, and remove the DVD drive. That’s all you need to do. All the Phillip screws are same size.

acer_es1_731_disassembly8 acer_es1_731_disassembly9 acer_es1_731_disassembly10 acer_es1_731_disassembly11

Use a guitar pick and separate the bottom plastic cover from the upper plastic body. No motherboard cables to remove during this process. When you open the bottom plastic cover, you will see the all computer components of Acer Aspire ES1-731 laptop.

Disconnect the battery first

acer_es1_731_disassembly12 acer_es1_731_disassembly13

Before you go ahead, remove the battery cable first for safety. This Aspire laptop has internal battery, and the battery cable is connected to the motherboard.

Let’s upgrade the memory (RAM)

acer_es1_731_disassembly14acer_es1_731_disassembly15 acer_es1_731_disassembly16

Choose the right memory for the laptop (DDR3) and remove the original memory, then just install a new memory into the memory slot. Unfortunately, it only has one memory slot..

Hard drive replacement

acer_es1_731_disassembly17 acer_es1_731_disassembly18

You can remove the hard drive from the laptop, after removing the hard drive data cable from the motherboard.

Fan, heatsink, and WiFi networking card

acer_es1_731_disassembly20 acer_es1_731_disassembly19

You can also remove the fan and heatsink assembly from the motherboard, and you can also replace the WiFi network card. That is it! Disassembly of Acer Aspire ES1-731 laptop completed! Thank you!


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